Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So I have been tagged about three times, and just keep putting it off. So the first two tags were the same. Tell 6 quirky things about yourself, so here goes!

1) I am a little OCD about matching, especially clothes. Everything has to match, I could never wear a red shirt with orange socks. Weird stuff like that. You will never see me in polka dots and plaids, or mis-matched colors. Not even to bed!!!
2) I am a master of remembering music! Who sings it...what song it is...! Now that I have kids though, it's a little more Disney and not so much 50 cent!
3) I love to stay in hotels! Something so fun about being somewhere else, and collecting all the travel soaps!
4) I love pop! (Diet of course!) But it makes my whole day if I can go somewhere and get a HUGE diet coke with lots of ice!
5) I have finally embraced the gym! I use to loathe working out, but after two kids, and no money for plastic surgery, GYM it is!
6) I hate being cold...great that I moved back to Cedar, huh! Trev, and my girls are little snow people, and I hate it. I sleep with three blankets in the winter, and the rest of my fam thinks sleeping in an igloo is ideal!

Well, there it is! That's all the quirks I have! HA HA. I have to figure out how to do my other tag, so I'll post that later!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Snow Bunnies!

Unlike myself, Trev, and my girls love the snow! I'm doing just fine inside by a fire with a nice hot cocoa, but not the rest of my fam! When it started snowing we were on our way to St. George, so Tais was really bummed that she couldn't make a snow angel. We had to convince her that is wouldn't go any where. So as soon as we made it back to Cedar Trev took the girls out on the sled. They were laughing so hard, until they realized how cold they really were. Trev had to crank up the heater and literaly lay them on top of the vent with a blanket over them. I missed that pic, it was pretty funny!

Halloween Harvest

So Trev and I took the girls down to a little fall harvest that my friend Kassie was doing, down at Big Trees Nursery in Kanara! It was so much fun, except for when it started to become a total blizzard that is! We had some warm chili, and cocoa, and then got to pick out a few pumpkins from the patch. It was so much fun, and the girls loved it!
We met up with DD and her little family, here is Lexi, Sydney, and Tais enjoying a sweet snack!
That was the best caramel apple Tais had ever is proof!
Me and my darling little girls - even with the chocolate!
Lexi was scared to death of this guy, Tais was a little "weary" but smiled for the camera!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Our Little Spook's!


Well, here they are! Lexi Bear, Bubba, Taisl-nut, and the 'Mcnugget'! (Don't ask how we came up with those names!) My mom came up the other day, and decided she wanted a picture of all the kids in their Halloween shirts! Since there is no Kiddie Kandid in Cedar, I decided to take in upon myself to do it! There are some pretty funny pictures! Nixon and Quinlyn are my favorite little buddies, Tyler and Amanda (bro. and sis'n'law) make some pretty cute kids, I have to say! And yes, Quin has that same look in every pic, it was hilarious!!! Besides our picture taking experience, everything is going good! Last weekend, I helped Ty and Amanda with their kids, she went to the NYC to visit a friend, and I got to see what it would be like to have 4 kids. I really don't know how people have more than just 2!!! It was fun, but three kids in diapers is not appealing to me at all! Anyway, on saturday Trev, Ty, my Dad, and his brother Dana went down to Vegas to the MR. OLYMPIA conference! They walked around from booth to booth collecting anything and everything! Trev came home with 4 ginormous bags full of proteing powder, shakers, mags, you name it they got it! My dad took pictures, so I will have to get them from him! But that was our weekend, and it was pretty eventful actually!