Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Pic's!!!!

So here they are! After all the sickness and cold, we have prevailed, and here is the outcome! Our two darling little girls (and the fake bunny)!!! I finally got the girls pictures taken in St. George. And for all you Mom's out there who know just how frustrating "getting pictures" can be, we are lucky they turned out as cute as they did! Here are Lexi and Taislee totally showing off their very different personalities! Lexi is a little jokester, and Tais is all but posing for her photo shoot!!!

For all of you that know our little Lexi-bear...ATTITUDE!!!

You should have seen us trying to keep Lexi's legs together in this one!

And here is our BIG GIRL...she had been practicing in the mirror all morning for these!

We love you girls...HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!