Monday, April 26, 2010

April Action Car Show...

This weekend we went to Moab for the car show...for those who don't show is Moab's 2nd busiest weekend, next to Jeep Safari! So Trev got in on the action and put the "68 Mercury Cougar in the show and it was so much fun! Sunday all the old cars cruised up to Dead Horse Point and we took the girls with us. It was so pretty!

Kelly Pickler

For my 24th birthday (NOT)...29th birthday...Trev got me tickets to Kelly Pickler at Tuacahn! It was SO much fun!!! I never could get a really good pic of her, she was hilarious, and did so good! It was a lot of fun!

Here is Trev and I waiting to go in, it was perfect weather, we had a blast!

Here we are right before it started...she started a little late but was worth it!

We met Jav and Tara for dinner before and then went to the concert together...Thanks Guys!!


We always have such a fun time at Easter, with Trev having his Jeep business in Moab we always get to have fun with the Jeeps and Easter stuff too! We always go to the sand dunes with Trev's family and have a blast. The girls think it's the greatest time in the world...sand, digging, and more sand! Here is the MAN on our little 90 that we love!

You just can't find a messier kid than Lex, that's how she has always been and I'm pretty sure she will be like that forever!

Safety first!

The 3 nerds all wearing their cute Cliffhanger sweatshirts...cute huh!

This is the side of Trev's business, he did this all by himself! I was really proud of him so I thought I'd show you all! I was going to take a few pics of all his business but didn't have time! If you are ever in Moab go check it out!

Here is Grandma Nornie with the girls at the Easter Egg Hunt...isn't that so cute!
This is Addi, Braden, Lex, Raef, and Tais waiting patiently for the big kids to get done hiding the eggs...

Lexi thought she hit the mother-load finding this "huginous" (yes that is her new made up word) easter egg. She had a hard time not eating the eggs when she found them!

This is what the Easter Bunny brought the girls...darling little Easter Bunny!

Tais had me take this pic 3 times so she could show off ALL the stuff the Easter Bunny brought, she was pretty particular!

Yes...we are alive!

Hello friends....we are still here! Trev is now done with working in Moab, and we are ready to start settling down again! We have been so busy the past few months, and so get ready for a lot of catch up blogs....sorry....I'm ashamed:) So starting off with the most important blog....Tais' 5th birthday!!!!
Tais decided she wanted to go to the "beauty salon" and get her hair and nails done, like a BIG girl! So we took the girls to Evans... and they had a ball!

Here is Kodi, Lexi, Kinlee, Quin, and Tais (still watching whatever was on the TV Im sure)

This was after they all got their hair done...such funny girls...

The 3 Amigos...they felt like such grown was hilarious...!
Then we had a cake and presents down at Ty and Amanda's later!
I can't believe we have a 5 year old! She is such a sweetheart, and get's smarter everyday! She is SO excited to start Kindergarten, and we are going to work really hard this summer to get her reading. She get's really mad at me when she see's that commercial on TV that shows the baby's that can read. "They are babies and can read, I'm 5 and still can't", EVERY time that dang things comes on! She is close though! We love her and can't imagine life without her!!!!