Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Past few weeks, in a nut shell...

The girls had some friends over the other day, they wanted to play in the pool. They had so much fun, but of course, living in Cedar, it was freezing. So everyone had to get into towels and have a treat!

Here is Dagen, Kodi, Tais, Lex, and Jagger!
Tais and Lex got some new goggles, and were trying them out in the bathtub! So I walked in and asked how they were doing, and this is how Lexi popped up! HILARIOUS, she couldn't see a thing, but said there was no water in her eyes!!!

This is how the girls have been sleeping lately! Lexi wakes up all the time with a nightmare that there are baby snakes in her bed. So she sneaks in with Tais! Tais sleeps so sound, she could have snakes in her bed, and she would never know! The other night I went into their room, I thought they were asleep...NOPE! Lex was in sissy's bed, tickling her face and singing her a song....all the while...Tais was passed out cold. It was pretty cute!

And then there is sweet little Lex! NOT!!! I was getting ready for church, and Tais came running in telling me to come see. I turned the corner to see was all I could do I to not laugh. So I ran to my camera and tried to act mad. Hey, it could be worse...right?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Family Fun Weekend!

So, we went up north for my cousin Ben's farewell and decided to make it a kids weekend! It was so much fun. We stopped at Thanksgiving Point and went to the Dinosaur museum...let's just say Trev and I carried the girls through most of it because they were scared. and learn! They did have some really fun hands on stuff that they liked, here they are digging for bones!

Here I am with my darling husband!

Aren't these two great posers? Right after we took this pic, Lex fell and landed on her pop, so at least we got her before she was soaking wet!

We meet Trevor's sister Mindee and her little family in Sandy at the Mayan! Our girls thought it was the coolest place ever! Especially when the 'raindrops' from the divers got them!

Here is Jacqueline, Lex, and Tais, and Adam was there too, but I missed the picture!

The next day after we stayed at "Bradley Bear's", that's Trevor's really good buddy Brad. But my girls have adopted the name bradley bear for him, he loves it I'm sure! We headed to the Hogle Zoo, so here are the girls on the tigers!

This is how they rode through the whole park, who needs a double stroller!

Here is Trev with his two sweethearts, they are waiting for the elephant show to start! Thats all Lexi talks about, is how big the elephants poop was! It was impressive!

We had so much fun, and it was so good to see all of my family! Of course I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the weekend, but I'm glad I got what I did!