Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Little Lexi's Preschool...

So...Lexi is FINALLY getting a chance to be a "big girl" and go to preschool! She was SO excited, but I may have been even MORE excited to have her gone! (Mean Mom!) She wanted me to make sure I got a picture of her and her backpack! usual!
Yep...double trouble...they are both in the same preschool...poor teacher! And here is Nix and Lex showing off their backpacks!

I made them hold was pretty funny!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


For those of you who keep giving me crap (Carly :) about my terrific blogging it is! My camera got stolen in Moab a couple weeks ago along with my card with the pics on them! So my Dad let me borrow his and his card had a TON of pics on it, so there may be a Arehart blog explosion...we will see!!! she is...our Kindergartener! Yep, Tais started school yesterday and she was SO excited I couldn't even cry about it. She is so ready to learn and read I felt bad it wasn't starting earlier.

The saddest part of the day was after we dropped Tais off at school Lex got in the car and with 'almost' tears looked up at us and said..."Now I don't have any friends to play with...will you guys play with me..." Talk about heartbreaking...poor little Lex starts next week (thank goodness)!
She thought she needed a picture for her second day of school too!