Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tais' Dance Recital

Tais had her first dance recital a few weeks ago, and she was SO excited about it! She did so good, and we were so proud of her! Her she is before we left, she is such a cheeser. I kept trying to tell her to smile "normal", and this is the best we could get!

Here is Tais and Lexi! Lexi was so excited for her sissy to dance. We went to the dress rehearsal the night before and Lexi was dancing and counting down all night, it was really cute!

And here she is in her big night! It was to "Kiss the Girl" from Little Mermaid and she did so good! I got this picture and then my camera died, imagine that!!! I am sad that I couldn't get more pics but oh well!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cuz' this is THRILLER...

So my wonderful parent's got all the adults tickets to Thriller at Tuacahn last night, and may I say, it was amazing as ever! We have been going to Thriller since it first came to St George, and I LOVE it! My cute frient Tami watched my girls while we went, so I made a little halloween cake to take to them! Here are a few pics of that...

They both got their "own" cakes to decorate, believe me, they were unique!!!

Here is Lexi cheesing it as usual!

Here is Tyler and Sharice, and Amanda and Ty (making out) right before it started!!!

My cute Dad and Mom! Thanks for taking us all, we LOVED it!

This is my Aunt Sue, and her daughter Kenadee (my girls favorite babysitter:)

And here is Trev, my Handsome Husband, and me! The scary Thriller girls kept sneaking up behind me and freaking me out so I held on to Trevor all night like this....they are SCARY!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween FUN!!!!

So I was feeling a little "crafty" the other day, and I LOVE Halloween so I decided to make some treats! Here was the final product!

I made chocolate dipped oreos and pretzels! It was so much fun, I used orange melting chocolate and a "secret ingredient" and had a blast! So did my girls! They were helping TOO much so we went and got them a project!

And here it is...a spooky halloween house if I have ever seen one! I am a little OCD about stuff looking really cute, so I tried to assist as good as I could. But that did not last long at all...between Lex and Quin eating all the decor...Tais and I made due!

Aren't these girls so dang cute!

This is pretty much all Lexi did during the whole thing...but she had fun! She wouldn't let the frosting bag out of her sight by the end!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Before and After...

Well, this is really embarrassing to post but I had to do it! This picture is a before picture of my "computer room" that turned into a JUNK ROOM gone bad! I got doing so much stuff and you all know how it gets, things just get tossed, and piles build. Well I have vowed not to do that anymore! I went to my darling sister Sharice's house the other day, and she inspired me to tackle the computer room! Her house is so cute and organized, so I am trying to turn over a new leaf and be like her!! LOVE YOU REESE!!! As you can see I could barely get in the door...bad I know...but it was only like that for a bit...I swear!

Here is another view of the place!

And now.......drum roll please....

It still needs a little work, but at least I can walk in! Ha Ha! I am looking for a big desk to put in there so if you know of any let me know!

Reasons I have not been blogging...:)

Here we are...alive and well! Just busy is all! We had a really fun summer and are excited to have the seasons change! (Except for Lexi, she is not liking the shoes and socks idea...her feet get "fweaty" she says) Anyway the girls were being really quiet one night so I went snooping, and here they were in my bathroom playing salon with each other! Don't they look GREAT?!?!?

This night we had a movie night! Trev was at school and I had a few extra kids for the night, so we pulled out a movie and popcorn and away we went! I should have done an after picture of the popcorn covered floor!!! They were all really good, and they had a blast so that was worth it! There is Quin, Nix, Lex, Tais, Kin, and Kod...all so cute!!!

Here is Tais on her first day of Preschool...I know I'm a bad Mom that I'm posting them right now...but better late than never...RIGHT???

Here is my cute little family. This was actually Trev's birthday ( June..oops). Trevor is such a great Dad and wonderful husband! I'm really proud that he decided to go back to school to get his Masters degree, we will be done next spring, and can't wait!! Happy Birthday Trev!!!

And here is our little ADDI...our cute little cousin! She is living in Moab right now and are so excited that we can see her more while she is close! And MO too, love ya girl!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New News :(

So here is what's been going on. Two weeks ago I started having some really bad stomach pains...worse that labor pains (ladies you can understand)!!! BAD! So I tried to be tough about it and tylenol myself up over the weekend, thinking it would pass. I was so wrong, the pain started on a friday and by sunday night I honestly thought I was dying. So monday morning my amazing doctor, Dr. Lunt, met me at his office in St. George to find out what was going on. He did an ultra sound and found out that I had a cyst the size of a golf ball on my right ovary, and a lot of blood in my stomach. Long story short, he ran me to surgery and found I had not only a cyst on my right ovary, but an ectopic pregnancy in my right tube and something 'supicious' in my left tube. Not a very fun thing to find out. But thanks to my amazing husband, precious little girls, caring mom and dad, and loving family, I am doing much better. The surgery went better than planned and I'm feeling better than I have in a long time! Thank you everyone who helped by bringing dinner and helping with my girls, you will never know how much you helped! I have some really cute pics of what else has been going on so I will post those soon, just thought you would like to know that I have not fallen off the blogging wagon!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Past few weeks, in a nut shell...

The girls had some friends over the other day, they wanted to play in the pool. They had so much fun, but of course, living in Cedar, it was freezing. So everyone had to get into towels and have a treat!

Here is Dagen, Kodi, Tais, Lex, and Jagger!
Tais and Lex got some new goggles, and were trying them out in the bathtub! So I walked in and asked how they were doing, and this is how Lexi popped up! HILARIOUS, she couldn't see a thing, but said there was no water in her eyes!!!

This is how the girls have been sleeping lately! Lexi wakes up all the time with a nightmare that there are baby snakes in her bed. So she sneaks in with Tais! Tais sleeps so sound, she could have snakes in her bed, and she would never know! The other night I went into their room, I thought they were asleep...NOPE! Lex was in sissy's bed, tickling her face and singing her a song....all the while...Tais was passed out cold. It was pretty cute!

And then there is sweet little Lex! NOT!!! I was getting ready for church, and Tais came running in telling me to come see. I turned the corner to see was all I could do I to not laugh. So I ran to my camera and tried to act mad. Hey, it could be worse...right?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Family Fun Weekend!

So, we went up north for my cousin Ben's farewell and decided to make it a kids weekend! It was so much fun. We stopped at Thanksgiving Point and went to the Dinosaur museum...let's just say Trev and I carried the girls through most of it because they were scared. and learn! They did have some really fun hands on stuff that they liked, here they are digging for bones!

Here I am with my darling husband!

Aren't these two great posers? Right after we took this pic, Lex fell and landed on her pop, so at least we got her before she was soaking wet!

We meet Trevor's sister Mindee and her little family in Sandy at the Mayan! Our girls thought it was the coolest place ever! Especially when the 'raindrops' from the divers got them!

Here is Jacqueline, Lex, and Tais, and Adam was there too, but I missed the picture!

The next day after we stayed at "Bradley Bear's", that's Trevor's really good buddy Brad. But my girls have adopted the name bradley bear for him, he loves it I'm sure! We headed to the Hogle Zoo, so here are the girls on the tigers!

This is how they rode through the whole park, who needs a double stroller!

Here is Trev with his two sweethearts, they are waiting for the elephant show to start! Thats all Lexi talks about, is how big the elephants poop was! It was impressive!

We had so much fun, and it was so good to see all of my family! Of course I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the weekend, but I'm glad I got what I did!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Pic's!!!!

So here they are! After all the sickness and cold, we have prevailed, and here is the outcome! Our two darling little girls (and the fake bunny)!!! I finally got the girls pictures taken in St. George. And for all you Mom's out there who know just how frustrating "getting pictures" can be, we are lucky they turned out as cute as they did! Here are Lexi and Taislee totally showing off their very different personalities! Lexi is a little jokester, and Tais is all but posing for her photo shoot!!!

For all of you that know our little Lexi-bear...ATTITUDE!!!

You should have seen us trying to keep Lexi's legs together in this one!

And here is our BIG GIRL...she had been practicing in the mirror all morning for these!

We love you girls...HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


We are still alive! Here is the update...we got over the RSV, then tais got an ear ache, but Lexi was doing better! So I thought we would head on down to Beaver Dam with Ty and Amanda for spring break...I was so wrong! I wasn't feeling good at all, but I had the car packed and everything ready to by dang I was going! Well, we met Trev for lunch and he talked me into going to the insta care (they are on a first name basis with us)! Come to find out, I had an ear infection, a sinus infection, and phnuemonia! WHAT THE... So I went to St. George, and my poor mom and dad had to take care of us all! Trev felt so bad, he was so busy trying to get things ready for his Jeep Safari weekend, so he couldn't give us the help we all needed! So we started getting better, just finished our antibiotics, and Lexi woke up this week with a 102 fever! I wanted to cry...and am sure I did at some point! Anyway, they tested her for strep throat, which was negative! But more antibiotics, for a out of control sore throat and another ear infection! we are...I have scrubbed every inch of my house, cloroxed everything that could be cloroxed, and started us all on a large dose of VITAMINS. Ha, we will win at some point, and that's our update!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We are officially 'shut-ins'!

This is how our week started out. It was getting 'warm', for Cedar, so the girls went out and played with half their snow clothes on! Then...

...It got even warmer! And the girls actually went outside without their jackets...YEAH! (Granted they were still inside the garage because the wind was so bad!!!) Then...

...We got too comfortable I guess, and we are all sick and forced to play play dough and tea parties ALL DAY, inside! Lucky me! I took Lexi in to the doctor on tuesday because I couldn't get her temp down, and come to find out she has the beginning case of RSV! I kind of freaked out, because my mom always warned me about not letting my babies get it, it's bad! But she is doing good. She is having a tea party with all her babies, and stuffed animals, she doesn't even remember she is sick! I thought I was beginning to see the light at the end of this tunnel, and Tais woke up today with the same cough! Go figure! So if you don't see any of the Arehart girls partying in their garage any time soon, you now know why! We are still alive! Love ya!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tais is 4!!!

My little, I mean BIG girl turned 4 yesterday, and I am feeling pretty old! Her party was darling, and she had a Valentine's party at her school the same day, so the whole day was a party, literally!!! My pictures are a little blurry, so sorry, but at least they are up! I think the front of the camera just needed cleaned off, and if that's really what's wrong I'm going to be a little upset! But, all in all, it was a really fun day! We are so glad we have Taislee, she is a total sweetheart, and we love her with all our hearts! We are so blessed to have such wonderful little girls, they are both very different, but so fun! We love you Tais, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

This is Tais' cake! Made specially by me! I was quite pleased with myself, and they even tasted good! BONUS!! Her party was a "Valentine" theme, and probably alway will be because it's so close to valentine's, but red and pink are just so cute!!!

Lexi gave Tais a Little Mermaid necklace that was had been wanting, and when she opened it Tais instantly ran over to her and gave her a hug! It was darling!!!

Tais had so much fun with all her friends, and was so glad that everyone could come!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sorry Christi...

So I have a wonderful friend that "helps" me update my blog. (She really does it ALL, its not just 'help') Anyway, she fixed up my blog so darling, and then I have never posted again. SAD excuse for a blogger! But in all reality I lost my camera, and for anyone who has ever done that, it is maddening. I have been cleaning everything out, and even waited for the snow to melt in my front yard because I thought it got left out there. luck. So I borrowed my dad's camera but now I need to card's a mess. I'll leave it at that! If I ever do post picture's again, it will be a miracle. Lexi is now 2, and Tais' will be 4 in two days!!! I can't even believe I am going to have a 4 year old, I really am getting old! Not a whole lot has been going on with our little family. We did have a miscarriage about a week ago :( Which is never very fun, but we are doing really well, and we know that it wasn't the right time. So now that all that is all done and over with, I can get back to my mountain of laundry we have accumulated while I was down! Fun for me, huh!!! Trev is staying really busy with school and work. He actually made us a really nice TV stand/entertaimnent center for our new TV. I am really, really impressed with it! He is a great husband, and I am so lucky that I have him! The girls are keeping me busy, but they play so good together I wouldn't have it any other way! It's a complete blizzard outside right now, so I'm going to go make a bag pot of chili, and some cinnamon rolls! (I don't even step outside when it's snowing...the St. George girl in me:)