Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cuz' this is THRILLER...

So my wonderful parent's got all the adults tickets to Thriller at Tuacahn last night, and may I say, it was amazing as ever! We have been going to Thriller since it first came to St George, and I LOVE it! My cute frient Tami watched my girls while we went, so I made a little halloween cake to take to them! Here are a few pics of that...

They both got their "own" cakes to decorate, believe me, they were unique!!!

Here is Lexi cheesing it as usual!

Here is Tyler and Sharice, and Amanda and Ty (making out) right before it started!!!

My cute Dad and Mom! Thanks for taking us all, we LOVED it!

This is my Aunt Sue, and her daughter Kenadee (my girls favorite babysitter:)

And here is Trev, my Handsome Husband, and me! The scary Thriller girls kept sneaking up behind me and freaking me out so I held on to Trevor all night like this....they are SCARY!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween FUN!!!!

So I was feeling a little "crafty" the other day, and I LOVE Halloween so I decided to make some treats! Here was the final product!

I made chocolate dipped oreos and pretzels! It was so much fun, I used orange melting chocolate and a "secret ingredient" and had a blast! So did my girls! They were helping TOO much so we went and got them a project!

And here it is...a spooky halloween house if I have ever seen one! I am a little OCD about stuff looking really cute, so I tried to assist as good as I could. But that did not last long at all...between Lex and Quin eating all the decor...Tais and I made due!

Aren't these girls so dang cute!

This is pretty much all Lexi did during the whole thing...but she had fun! She wouldn't let the frosting bag out of her sight by the end!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Before and After...

Well, this is really embarrassing to post but I had to do it! This picture is a before picture of my "computer room" that turned into a JUNK ROOM gone bad! I got doing so much stuff and you all know how it gets, things just get tossed, and piles build. Well I have vowed not to do that anymore! I went to my darling sister Sharice's house the other day, and she inspired me to tackle the computer room! Her house is so cute and organized, so I am trying to turn over a new leaf and be like her!! LOVE YOU REESE!!! As you can see I could barely get in the door...bad I know...but it was only like that for a bit...I swear!

Here is another view of the place!

And now.......drum roll please....

It still needs a little work, but at least I can walk in! Ha Ha! I am looking for a big desk to put in there so if you know of any let me know!

Reasons I have not been blogging...:)

Here we are...alive and well! Just busy is all! We had a really fun summer and are excited to have the seasons change! (Except for Lexi, she is not liking the shoes and socks idea...her feet get "fweaty" she says) Anyway the girls were being really quiet one night so I went snooping, and here they were in my bathroom playing salon with each other! Don't they look GREAT?!?!?

This night we had a movie night! Trev was at school and I had a few extra kids for the night, so we pulled out a movie and popcorn and away we went! I should have done an after picture of the popcorn covered floor!!! They were all really good, and they had a blast so that was worth it! There is Quin, Nix, Lex, Tais, Kin, and Kod...all so cute!!!

Here is Tais on her first day of Preschool...I know I'm a bad Mom that I'm posting them right now...but better late than never...RIGHT???

Here is my cute little family. This was actually Trev's birthday ( June..oops). Trevor is such a great Dad and wonderful husband! I'm really proud that he decided to go back to school to get his Masters degree, we will be done next spring, and can't wait!! Happy Birthday Trev!!!

And here is our little ADDI...our cute little cousin! She is living in Moab right now and are so excited that we can see her more while she is close! And MO too, love ya girl!