Friday, January 22, 2010

Packard's Cabin!!!

So...our good friends Kelly and Trenton invited us up to their family's cabin last weekend in Moab, and it was such a blast! We had so much fun, the kids all got along, and we did nothing but EAT, EAT, and play in the snow! What more could you ask for??? Here is a picture of the cabin after Kelly and I picked it up a little bit! It's such a neat cabin!

This is Trevin, the poor guy was mawled all weekend by my girls! He was darling with them, and they LOVED bugging him!

And then there is the two dingo's...Trenton and Trev! The were such good little daddy's up there! Trenton brought some snowmobiles and they took all the kids sledding! They loved it!

The snow was really crunchy and hard so the girls tried to sled but didn't get too far! Finally they sweet talked Trevin and Brady into pushing them back up the hill!

Here we are! Me and my darling hubby!

Thanks Kell, and Trenton, our weekend together was a BLAST!!!!

Cute Little Girls!!!

Here are some cute pics a forgot to post, they are the girls' Christmas dresses and they looked so adorable!

See how much fun I have!!! I get to play dress up all day everyday!

Here is Addi with Tais at Grandma Ann's and Papa Mike's house! Addi had her hair crimped so Tais had to get her's done too (Thanks Mo)!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The BIG 3!!!!

Can you believe it??? I have a 3 year old! Yes, Lexi survived the 2's and is heading straight into adulthood!!! She is doing so well, and seems to get cuter and smarter everyday! She has such a great example leading her way, so she is really lucky! We had 2 parties for Lexi this year, her birthday is Jan. 4 and it's so hard for me. Everyone is partied out by then so I really need to be better at making her birthday a really fun celebration! She is such a sweetheart, but boy is she going to give me a run for my money!

I have NO idea what her new thing with her eyes is...being Sexy Lexi...maybe!!!

Before she started opening this present she made sure that I got my camera to take pictures, it was pretty cute!

Here is her second cake...She was so excited! We let her plan the whole day, so we had lunch at the "SUN" (Del Taco), went and saw the new Chipmunk movie, and then to Jumping Jacks! THEN...we got pizza and cake and came home and opened her presents! It turned out really fun, and she had such a great day! We love our little lola!

She was telling me I was taking too long getting her cake and candles ready! That's our little Lex!

Merry Christmas...

So...posting pics late on my blog is just how I sorry! Here they are... Christmas photos..Here is Tais looking at her letter that she left for Santa (written all by herself)! She was so excited about him getting cookies this year!

Here is Tais trying to figure everything out! We had Christmas at Trev's parents house and it was so fun...they always treat us so good!
Lexi Bear got her bike....wait...her princess bike with a drink holder! Santa had a hard time "making" that one!

Tais wanted a Hannah Montana blanket...don't ask me why, that's what she wanted!?