Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tais is 4!!!

My little, I mean BIG girl turned 4 yesterday, and I am feeling pretty old! Her party was darling, and she had a Valentine's party at her school the same day, so the whole day was a party, literally!!! My pictures are a little blurry, so sorry, but at least they are up! I think the front of the camera just needed cleaned off, and if that's really what's wrong I'm going to be a little upset! But, all in all, it was a really fun day! We are so glad we have Taislee, she is a total sweetheart, and we love her with all our hearts! We are so blessed to have such wonderful little girls, they are both very different, but so fun! We love you Tais, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

This is Tais' cake! Made specially by me! I was quite pleased with myself, and they even tasted good! BONUS!! Her party was a "Valentine" theme, and probably alway will be because it's so close to valentine's, but red and pink are just so cute!!!

Lexi gave Tais a Little Mermaid necklace that was had been wanting, and when she opened it Tais instantly ran over to her and gave her a hug! It was darling!!!

Tais had so much fun with all her friends, and was so glad that everyone could come!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sorry Christi...

So I have a wonderful friend that "helps" me update my blog. (She really does it ALL, its not just 'help') Anyway, she fixed up my blog so darling, and then I have never posted again. SAD excuse for a blogger! But in all reality I lost my camera, and for anyone who has ever done that, it is maddening. I have been cleaning everything out, and even waited for the snow to melt in my front yard because I thought it got left out there. luck. So I borrowed my dad's camera but now I need to card's a mess. I'll leave it at that! If I ever do post picture's again, it will be a miracle. Lexi is now 2, and Tais' will be 4 in two days!!! I can't even believe I am going to have a 4 year old, I really am getting old! Not a whole lot has been going on with our little family. We did have a miscarriage about a week ago :( Which is never very fun, but we are doing really well, and we know that it wasn't the right time. So now that all that is all done and over with, I can get back to my mountain of laundry we have accumulated while I was down! Fun for me, huh!!! Trev is staying really busy with school and work. He actually made us a really nice TV stand/entertaimnent center for our new TV. I am really, really impressed with it! He is a great husband, and I am so lucky that I have him! The girls are keeping me busy, but they play so good together I wouldn't have it any other way! It's a complete blizzard outside right now, so I'm going to go make a bag pot of chili, and some cinnamon rolls! (I don't even step outside when it's snowing...the St. George girl in me:)